Main CasesModel show for the presentation of the new TaVie product line

Model show for the presentation of the new TaVie product line

TaVie - products aimed at creating a system of preventive measures to protect human health and youth – the Anti-aging system. The company invests in IT technologies and in the development of innovative, effective products for the prevention of human aging: natural non-toxic products to prevent health problems, to strengthen and rejuvenate the body, multifunctional biological additives, gadgets and applications for monitoring health and physical activity.

Objective: present a new product line from TaVie brand

10 models and 4 hostesses

With the help of several live castings, we selected five male and female fitness models for the presentation of a new product from TaVie brand. In addition to the models, we also selected four hostesses for the project, ordered suits for them and conducted educational training. The day before the shows, we also organized the final fitting of clothes and the fashion show rehearsal. On the day of the event, the models participated in the show, and the hostesses were responsible for welcoming and navigating the guests on the site.


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