Main CasesFootball fans across the country with BALTIKA 7 NON-ALCOHOL

«Football fans across the country» with BALTIKA 7 NON-ALCOHOL

Baltika is a manufacturer of fizzy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, one of the biggest beer brands in Russia.

Objective: to organize work of promotional theme zones Baltika 7 non-alcoholic at the parking lots of Karusel hypermarkets in Moscow before the Football World Cup in order to build a football brand image.
  • 1 540 liters of beer tasted
  • 3 250 prizes granted
  • 24 foreign greetings learned
  • 7 226 participants

Building a promotion pavilion, staff selection, equipment logistics, and many other steps –that’s how we organized a project before the World Cup.

Everything started with building pavilions and staff selection

At the initial stage of the project, we built turnkey pavilions of about 36.75 m², including the ground cover, construction, and technical equipment assembly, electricity, flags and furniture. At all stages of the project, we were also involved in the transportation and logistics of the prize fund, equipment, promotion uniforms, printed and tasting materials.

Next, we conducted a casting and selected all the required personnel: promotion models, animators, helpers, cleaners, football freestylers, barmen, DJs, photographers and print operators. We also hired security guards and organized round-the-clock tent security at the site.

The tent consisted of three arched zones: an activation zone, a photo zone, and a lounge zone

We installed a colorful tintamarre with the text in the photo zone: “They won’t manage without me”, where visitors were asked to take a photo and post it on the social network with the hashtags in Russian which mean #FOOTBALL or #Footballfansacrossthecountry.

There were barmen in the lounge zone who treated those interested in non-alcoholic Baltika 7 beer and snacks. At that location, one could sit on ottomans in the form of soccer balls, relax and listen to music, chat with other guests of the zone. The distribution point of prizes was there as well.

We also installed a VR zone, held contests and tutorials

In the activation zone, our animators invited those who wanted to get a fan card, fill it with stamps for participating in competitions and win a prize - a magnet photo frame with a logo and a printed photo, and when presenting a card with a receipt for Baltika 7 - a beer branded glass. The main prizes were a ball and a T-shirt with Russian national football team players’ autographs.

There were different competitions for the zone visitors. Our animators asked questions in different foreign languages using cards and offered answers in Russian. Then they gave people the opportunity to listen to noise recordings from stadiums around the world and determined the country, and in the third contest, an African promoter suggested learning greetings from different countries.

There was also a VR zone where, with the help of glasses, one could find yourself at the training of the Russian national football team.  There were also football freestylers who demonstrated professional techniques and gave master classes.

We managed to make visitors associate Baltika brand with the football theme

During the promotion action, the guests of the booth tasted more than 1,500 liters of non-alcoholic beer, made more than 3,000 photo magnets and learned at least 20 greetings in various languages from around the world.

At the end of the project, we organized the dismantling of the site and ensured the return of equipment to the customer and made a detailed report on the results of the promotion action.


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