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Flash Up Energy Drink Sampling

Flash Up is a non-alcoholic energy drink containing caffeine, taurine and a complex of vitamins B and C. It is positioned as a drink for active people who love life and do not want to lose a minute because of fatigue. It is a part of the Baltika brand portfolio.

Objective: to organize the handing out of Flash Up youth energy drink in places of high concentration of the target audience
  • 3 028 hours promoters worked at this promotion activity
  • 30 sampling routes we developed
  • 80 000 contacts with the target audience

Prepared for the start of the project

We selected and trained the promotion staff, developed routes taking into account high concentration of the target audience for the effective handout of promotional products, purchased and branded the uniform (tops, sweaters, belts, bags, leggings, t-shirts), rented gyro scooters and organized daily logistics of samples and equipment.

We coordinated the work of promoters at points

As part of the promotional action, we controlled the work of personnel at the sites, delivered and shipped a big volume of promotional products and equipment, purchased the missing uniform and batteries necessary for the non-stop operation of gyro scooters. We organized the work of staff on crowded streets, embankments, in alleys and parks of Moscow. Promoters traveled along routes on gyro scooters and scooters, attracted the attention of young people, talked about the brand and handed out product samples for free.


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